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Our Dharma Map supports our alignment to our vision, values, priorities and future desires. It’s the foundation of our culture.

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who we are

The team behind Women in Dharma:


Krista Butler

Co-Founder, Director & Coach


dharmic roles
1. Joyologist: championing people and ideas that are soul-aligned
2. Relationship Developer: leading & facilitating group experiences (coaching, Heartventures, retreats)
3. Dharma Supporter: your number 1 support in saying yes to your dharma over and over again

what feeds her soul
Hearing her favourite song of the moment on the radio, bare feet on earth, hands wrapped around a warm coffee mug, the way the sun shines in the living room windows, girls nights, local cafes.


Megan Llorente

Co-Founder, Director & Coach


dharmic roles
1. Visionary: creating new possibilities and sharing our vision to all those involved
2. Clarity: cultivating our team, clarifying pathways and supporting us to all be aligned
3. Dharmic Inspiration: inspiring people to live in their Dharma within the team and beyond

what feeds her soul
Deep conversations where we get curious as to what’s really going on. Questioning why we do the things we do – you can engage me in talk about what makes us tick all day long! Being deeply connected to my loved ones and to the universe in a wholistically nourishing way.


Samantha Llorente

Director & Founding WID Member


dharmic roles
1. Culture Champion: inspiring our team to embody WID’s essence with passion and consistency
2. Wholistic Wellness: supporting spiritual and physical healing on an individualized level
3. Spiritual Eating Expert: connecting others with their food, their bodies, and the earth

what feeds her soul
All things nature: the forest, the ocean, rainbows, sunshine, rainy days! Nourishing myself and others with food. Dance parties where everyone lets loose. Having meaningful conversations with anyone that is willing to open up.


Blair Connelly

Founding WID Member & Coach


dharmic roles
1. Holistic Healer: empowering individuals to be their own greatest healer.
2. Intuitive Guide: creating opportunities for individuals to root into their most authentic essence.
3. Soul Connector: inspiring the creation of real, authentic, and meaningful connections within our team and community.

what feeds her soul
Any time spent offline connecting with those important to me. Discovering new hikes, books, or cute coffee shops. Learning something new from every person I meet.


DeeDee Morris

Founding WID Member & Photographer


dharmic roles
1. Storyteller: creating images with you that reveal and affirm your story through conversation and photography.
2. Community Conjuror: connecting souls through communal explorations and experiences.
3. Bon Vivant: nourishing our inner luxurious selves with health-full foods, conversation and learning.

what feeds her soul
Community, food, bare feet in the woods, salty swims, photographing real connections and raw beauty, travel, meaningful conversations, a good cry, dance parties.


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