Coaching Topics I love…

  • Cultivating your intuition

  • Overcoming fears of being seen

  • Self-healing approaches

What Inspires Me…

When I had my first one-on-one coaching experience as a client, I felt like the veil of possibilities was lifted. I found a space where I was deeply supported and believed in so that I could connect to that same belief within myself.

This inspired me to create these profound growth experiences for others too. It’s one of the most powerful and intimate ways I get to connect with others and it truly lights me up.

My background…

My background is mixture of coaching, healing practices and athletics. I’ve always felt my heart being pulled towards plant-based healing, mindfulness and movement practices that truly ground us in our bodies. I’m a trained transformative coach from Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and I truly believe we can design the life of our dreams. I’m passionate about being intentional about growth: whether it’s listening to new podcasts, a sweaty yoga practice, or soulful conversations at a coffee shop.


Connect with Blair


“Blair has an incredible ability to make you feel at ease and to hold space.. Her warmth, compassion, and intuition has been essential to my journey of self-discovery and healing. Her knowledge and intuition truly allows her to support you in aligning with your values and life purpose. I’m so grateful having worked with her.

- Ilona F


“Blair helped me find my light and ignite the power and creativity that I had trapped inside. I have opened up parts of myself that I didn’t know were there and parts that I was scared to face. She guided me back to my intuition and helped me free dreams I had tucked away! After our connects I felt energized, motivated, and confident that in my dharma.”

- Tianna T


“Blair is a coach, guide and healer all wrapped into one. Working with her gave me the tools and the courage to know myself deeply and rise higher and higher. Her connection to her heart and intuition has expanded my own and allow me to transform in ways I didn’t know were possible.”

- Lauren S.