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Dear Heartventure Leader,

Thank YOU for your leadership, courage and enthusiasm in stepping up and bringing this experience to your corner of the world.

This page exists to support you and your Heartventures. If you have a theme or activities that really resonated, please let us know so we can add it to this!

We’re in this together.

With love,

The Women in Dharma Team

Why Heartventures?

Gatherings for women who value growth, connection & filling their life beautiful adventures.

Connect with other women, nature & yourself to cultivate living from a place of flow & authentic joy.


Heartventures are run in and creating community in at least 50 locations.


Women from across the world stepping up and volunteering as Heartventure Leaders.


Heartventure Rhythm

We encourage flow and 100% use of your intuition of what will work for your group. We’ve found going into a Heartventure with this rhythm in mind really works:


The intention behind choosing a theme for your gathering is to maintain cohesiveness and flow between your activities.

  • New Moon or Full Moon (If your event happens to fall around one!)

  • Introvert/Extrovert

  • The Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire



The intention behind the intro is to learn each other’s names with a little pop of “fun” so you can actually remember their names!

  • Word that starts with first letter

  • What do you know about the meaning/history behind your name

  • Animal that starts with first letter of your name



  • 10-20 minute walk in silence

  • Any kind of guided meditation or visualization

  • Gaia Connect + Barefoot walk

  • A Handful of Sounds

  • Elemental Awareness

  • Walk the Line

  • Your “word”



What did you learn today?

  • What are you taking away from this hike?

  • What’s 1 word to sum up how you’re feeling?

  • A Step forward

Our Ask Of You

  1. Have fun, if this ever becomes stressful or feels like work, revisit if this is for you

  2. Embody the Women in Dharma values: Wholeness, Possibility, Alignment (read more here)

  3. Be able to answer what Women in Dharma is

  4. Collect participants email addresses and send them to us after your event

Reaching Participants

We leave it in your hands how you’d like to keep track of who is coming to your Heartventure.

We’ve experimented with Facebook Events & Eventbrite. We thought that if people committed to an Eventbrite “ticket” (it’s a free ticket) that they’d be more inclined to show up, but that wasn’t the case! We’ve chosen to stick to Facebook, but feel free to do what works best for you.

Click here for an example of a Facebook Event

Click here for an example of an Eventbrite Event


We ask that you use our branding style for the creation of your events.

Feel free to use our wording/images or create your own:

Canva is a great tool to create images for social media + it’s free!

The font we use is Joshico

Free stock images: Unfold

Heartventure lettering (right click and ‘save as’)

grey font

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white font ( i promise there’s an image here!)

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Images (right click and ‘save as’)

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How long are Heartventure gatherings?

We aim to have our events be ~3hrs. We’ve also gotten in the habit of going out for an optional bite to eat afterwards. We meet at 10am and end our gathering around 1pm.

How “hard” are the trails?

This is up to your discretion, just be sure to communicate it. We’ve done everything from an “easy” beach walk to a tough uphill hike.

Are dogs allowed?

Up to you!

Are children allowed?  

Do participants need to sign a waiver to be in photos that will be on social media?

We tend to take a more casual approach to this. Simply ask participants if they are ok with their photos being on social media.


Submit Your Event

Let’s get your event live on the Women in Dharma website on our Experiences page.

We update the events on Fridays so submit your event before then :)

Your Name *
Your Name
link to your website with more details or to a ticket page
send us to a page where we can grab a screenshot of your event picture :)

Activities Resources

Let’s keep this list growing! Let us know what activities you use, what you like or any of your own that you want to add to this compilation!

AWE-some Awareness

Materials: have participants find something I nature along the hike that is of the same family/species– i.e. maple leaves, daisy flowers, a rock or a blade of grass…

Gather in a circle. Ask them to take a couple minutes to get to know their leaf SO well that if they were to lose it they could recognize it again. Gather all the leaves. Put them in the center of the circle, mix them up. Invite them to go to the circle and retrieve their lead.

Check-in: how did they feel when they found their friend again?!

Handful of Sounds

Gather the group in a circle: explain that you will all be silent for a minute and you will each be keeping track of all the different sounds you hear on your fingers. Have everyone hold up both hands and close their eyes. Start with a breathing exercise to get everyone present and grounded. After a minute of silence, have everyone open their eyes with their hands still in the air and look around at everyone else’s fingers. Ask people to name some of the different sounds they heard.

Elemental Awareness

Check-in with the group and ask, “Which element are you connecting with most right now, why? Which element do you need to invite more of in your life?”

Your Word

Ask participants to choose a word for how they want to feel for the next moon cycle.

Walk the Line

Instructions: gather in a line, facing (standing a few feet in front of everyone). Call out specific categories/labels/descriptions, and ask that all of those to whom this applies, walk to the other side of the line. For example, you might request that anyone with glasses please cross the room. If this describes you and you feel comfortable acknowledging it, you would walk to this side of the line. Once there, turn and face the crowd you just left. Get in touch with your feelings and think about those people on both sides, then return to the side you started from. After a few seconds, I will continue with a new question. Remember, there is no pressure to cross the room/line if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. You will need to make that decision. There may be times when this activity makes you feel slightly uncomfortable. I would urge you to lean into that discomfort since it may mean that you are about to gain an important learning or insight.

Ground Rules

1.     The first involves listening. Let’s have silence throughout the exercise. “No talking, snickering, giggling, nonverbal messages.”

2.     It is imperative that we respect the dignity of each person who is here. All that is shared should remain confidential. “Nothing that is offered should leave this space. However, if after the exercise you really need to talk to a particular person, be sure to ask her permission”

  • You prefer day to night

  • You’re the oldest in the family

  • You wish you had more money

  • You have a tattoo

  • You have food allergies

  • You are originally from Nova Scotia

  • You’re the youngest in the family

  • You sometimes feels lonely

  • You’re adopted

  • You’ve felt ugly

  • You’ve had one or more of their parents pass away

  • You sometimes have low self-confidence

  • You have a family member who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender

  • You’ve experienced the effects of alcoholism in their family

  • You’ve experienced the effects of drug addition in their family

  • You’ve had a friend or relative who has been sexually assaulted or abused

  • There is something you need to say to someone…that you haven’t said.

  • If you should have crossed the line during an earlier question…but for whatever reason you did not

  • Anyone who has not yet crossed the line 

Gaia Connect

Invite all participants to remove their shoes to connect with Mother Earth. Invite to sit, lay, stand, whatever allows them to feel connected to the earth below and close their eyes. Lead a meditation that invites Gaia to rise up! After a few moments of silence, invite participants to open their eyes and proceed barefoot in silence for ~10 minutes.