there is a knowing within us

There’s a remembering amongst women that when we gather, especially in nature, our soul feels at home.

it’s our hope

To create monthly gatherings across the world where women gather in the spirit of a Heart-filled Adventure aka Heartventures!


looking to participate in a Heartventure?

check out our Experiences page for upcoming Heartventures.
otherwise, contact one of the leaders in the locations that are currently offering regular Heartventures:

Halifax, Nova Scotia
click here to learn more

Toronto, Ontario
contact: Blair Connelly

Vancouver, British Columbia
click here to learn more

is your location not on the above list?


are you being called to become a Heartventure Leader?

We are looking for heart-centred, outdoor-loving women to volunteer to bring Heartventures to their community.
If this is you, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!


What is a Heartventure?

  • A free and open gathering, usually around 3 hours, on a weekend morning, out in nature

  • An opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded women

  • A safe space to express & share whatever it is you are going through on your journey


Roles of Heartventure Leaders:

1. Host a Heartventure in your area at least once every 3 months

2. Create a Facebook event + invite people to your Heartventure

3. Believe in what Women in Dharma is up to and spread the word!


What you get as a Leader:

1. We’ll provide you with topics + activities for your Heartventure

2. Closed Facebook Group for Heartventure Leaders (share wins, suggestions, ideas, etc…)

3. A 20-minute check in with a WID team member every 3 months to ensure you are supported

if you’re drawn to this, get in touch!

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