This intro used to be about how I show up for you as a Coach.

I decided to simplify it and it comes down to this: 

We both care about humanity. Where we're going. And the best way to impact this world we’re living in, is to start with us. As individuals.


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“What’s Next” Oracle + Coaching Session

In this 1 hour session we will choose two cards that answer 2 very specific questions: 1) what should you be letting go of? 2) what should you be calling in? Combine this with coaching and you’ve got yourself an hour of clarity, confidence and 3 specific steps to take next.

Investment: $77

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Relationship Turnarounds

Think of a relationship in your life that needs improvement (sister, husband, co-worker, etc…). In this one month intensive, we’ll use the Enneagram as a tool to turn this relationship around.

We meet online once every week for 60 mins for 4 weeks.

Investment: $444

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"Krista helps work magic. Three things I’m taking away from group coaching are 1) we are our own worst enemy with self-doubt 2) challenges hone our skills so we can success 3) there is a silver lining to everything. I’m feeling so excited, and grounded, and secure about the future."
- Tara L.


"Coaching with Krista taught me to own my truth and speak it. To shine my light no matter what. I also enjoyed that you always called me out on my BS. Thank you for whom you've been in my life Krista :)"
- Lily M. - Catherine L


“It wasn't until I verbalized my frustrations with my current situation to Krista that I realized how unhappy I was. After 3 months of working together, I'm living the life I totally want RIGHT NOW. I’ve completely turned my life around. “
–Kimberly G. - Nara H