Soulful Business Mentorship

Who it’s for:

You’re an aspiring solopreneur who wants to help people. Thing is, your business isn’t growing at the pace you’d like and you sometimes find your resolve wavering. You’d love to have someone who’s 100% in your corner and can help you feel inspired to create your dream with ease & fun while being real & practical.

What it is:

Over 3 months I’m going to coach, mentor and support you to get to a 10/10 on each of these 4 dimensions:


Confidence: do you have the confidence to stand behind your value and everything you’re offering?


Clarity: do you have full clarity on what it is you do, how you do it and what makes you different?


Finances: do you feel energetically inspired about your financial flow and super clear on your numbers?


Technology: do you feel good about your software options so you get to minimize your admin and maximize what you love to do?


What it looks like:

We start with a 60-90min deep dive into your current state. Your dreams, desires, struggles, challenges and more.

From there, we create the structure of how we’re going to connect over the next 3 months based on what works for you and for me. For example, it can be a mixture of impromptu calls, back and forth texting, scheduled video chats etc. The bottom line is this: you’re going to feel 100% supported and you’re going to be practicing asking for help - a lot.


I only have 3 spots for my first round of this program at $111/month and it’s available only to those who also sign up for the WID Soulful Business Membership


Coaching Topics I love…

  • Feminine leadership

  • Aspiring coaches/facilitators

  • Start-up entrepreneurship

What Inspires Me…

1:1 Guided Journeys are my absolute favourite. They feel the most dharmic to me and are the most authentic way I get to support others in their growth.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been fascinated with what makes people tick. Psychology, human behaviour, personality types – you name it.

My background…

My background has been professional coaching for the past few years. I trained with Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and received my certification in 2016. I’m also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). On top of my training I’ve layered in my own style from numerous sources: spiritual teachers, coaching mentors, courses, books, retreats, transformative weekends etc. etc.


The coaching I have experienced with Megan has been extraordinary in that it has provided me with the tools to grow myself and the life I want to create. Megan’s style is collaborative, generous and clear and I could not be more grateful for the heart and grit she brings to each of our sessions.”

- Lauren D


“Megan did an incredible job of holding space for what I already know. The answers have always been there and it’s been helpful to uncover these answers through deeper questions. It gives me a real sense of knowing after our connects.”

- Catherine L


Megan helped me sort through what holds me back and guides me every time back to my intuition, in all spheres of my life. I frequently experience “a-ha” moments of clarity and freshened perspective within a few moments or hours after our calls together once everything settles in and lands where it needs to!”

- Nara H