have you ever felt like: 

  •  you don’t think you can (or want to) do it by yourself

  •  fear has brought up feelings of self-doubt

  • you miss the community of being on a team and your heart desires to have the support of a core group who helps and encourages each other


wouldn’t it be amazing to


be surrounded by soulful women

who inspire you to keep going, especially through uncertainty and doubt


feel truly seen & at home

in a place where your gifts are encouraged and celebrated


be championed to your fullest potential

just as the world needs you to be, embraced fully and wholeheartedly as the woman you are at your core


Welcome to Women in Dharma’s Soulful Business Membership

imagine a community where you are seen, connected and supported throughout your journey

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this is the missing piece for solopreneurs

  • develop soulful relationships with like-minded women

  • access emotional & business support

  • co-create with women across the world

  • know you have a group of women who you can turn to for advice, support and encouragement

  • share your offerings, events and creations to a wider audience


what you get

creating community is our Dharma

at Women in Dharma we believe that community is at the centre of creating a more inspired and loving world.

why? because being part of a soulful community:

  • brings support, love and confidence no matter where you are on your journey

  • gives you a safe home-base to bring your celebrations, vulnerabilities and everything in between

  • when women come together in community, magical occurrences are inevetable


Soulful Business Membership

your investment: $111 per month*

*Canadian Dollars

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What if I can’t make a call?

All monthly calls will be recorded and accessible from a members-only webpage.

How does payment and billing work?

Your first payment is processed once you complete the payment form. Your remaining payments are processed every 30 days thereafter. And good news, this membership can be included in your business write-offs!

Do I have to commit to this for a minimum number of months?

Nope! We wholeheartedly believe that if this community is not right for you, then you have the right to end your membership!